A message from sherlockholmesblog-uk
could you post the links to your sherlock sims? xxxx

Sure! I’ve done: Sherlock, John, Moriarty, Irene, Sebastian, Mycroft, Anderson, Donovan and Lestrade. Are you interested in any in particular o all of them? Please let me know :)

A message from missdystopia
Excellent work, all....I love your version of Boromir, from LOTR, on Deviant Art. Any chance we could be gifted with a download of him? Thank you!

Thank you so much! Sure! I’ll upload him for you :)

A message from the-snowflake-owl
Thanks a lot for the follow! ^u^

Anytime! I love AT and of course and for that, I ♥ your blog!

A message from punktina16
I love your work!! I just encountered one problem when installing the DBSK sims you made. It says I need some sort of expansion pack to install them. If so which one do I need? Or is there maybe another way of installing them? Thank you! :)

Hi! Thank you so much! You can install any sim no matter what EP was used to make it with Sims2Pack Clean Installer. Good luck and happy simming!

A message from yvycriminal
Hello. I found your lovely Tumblr today and I was wondering... Can you make Christine Daaé from "The Phantom of the Opera" movie? And the Phantom of the Opera (Erik) too, please? Thank you :3

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes, of course I can help you. I just ask you a bit of patience since I’ve been dealing with a lot of work (and stress) in real life so I’m working on sims in my little spare time. Is ok for you? Thanks in advance!

A message from prissytomboy
Are your Sherlock Sims available for download?

Hi! sorry for the late answer! I’ve been dealing with a high amount of work in real life. Of course they are! Are you interested in someone specially or the whole pack? I have Sherlock, John Watson, Jim Moriarty, Molly Hooper, Toby the Cat, Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Anderson and Mycroft.

A message from kengha
Hi, I noticed that in the Archive there aren't some interesting characters like Loki from "Thor" and "The Avengers" or Irene Adler, can you make them? :) (Sorry for bad english)

Don’t worry about your english. It isn’t my first language, too. :) I apologize if my sims aren’t so interesting for you, in fact, I didn’t do them for me, I work as request to help others to get those sims hard to find. I already have an Irene Adler (which maybe I will be sharing soon since another person has requested her) and about Avengers sims, there are some pretties made by my fellow simblrs here:
* Avenger sims by Sims2 is Avenged 

* Loki sim by Miss Tiikeri

* Thor and Loki by Gray Lee Studios

Hope it can be helpful for you! :)

A message from runawayhobbitcharlie
Hello, I don't know if you still use this account if you do could you please upload your old LoTR Sims here? Loved them on your DA...

Hi! I’m still active (but with a lot of work in real life XD, excuse me for that). Of course I can upload them! Someone in particular to start with? :)

A message from morrowsims
Omg hi we have almost the same URL

Yes, its seems! :)

A message from kyoufuwooshieteyarou
You can make connor with "modern" clothes

Sure! That’s better! Count with us. He will be added to the request list.

A message from holyleonardodicaprio
hello :) do you possibly happen to have the link for your eomer sim? i cant seem to find him anywhere, thank you so much!

Of course, Just let me arrive to home (I’m at the office now) so I can upload him to you. I’ll message you later :)

A message from ladyraziel
Could I get a Calista, also from The Last Story? I like her white dress the best (she has quite the wardrobe)~! Thanks again for Yurick. He looks so dang cute! And I'm foaming over just the colors you used. WOW, those are some insanely gorgeous blues! Just beautiful. You did such a terrific job!

Thank you so much for your comments. Sure! we will add her to our to do requests! :)

A message from kyoufuwooshieteyarou
I'd love to see connor kenway

Hello my friend. I was doing some research before replying to your message. Even there are quite good and quality downloads from AC for Sims 2, there isn’t nothing about ACIII. I´m pretty sure we won’t have troubles with Connor but what I cannot assure you a good result is for his clothing. Nobody has extracted the meshes from his outfit for the sims 2. Just a couple of people bit they did it for Sims 3. So we will take your request, but we cannot asure you we will make it :( Thanks for your comprehension!

A message from samiekins17
I absolutely love your sims and was wondering if you could make any of the digidestined from Digimon? Preferably Season 1 or 2. I haven't been able to find any of them around and would love to see them ^_^

Since Digimon is a japanese anime, we may find some troubles to find accurate hair styles or clothing, but sure we can do anything at our hand to make your request. Please tell us your favorite so we can add it to the request list. We are making just one sim per request since we do sims in our free time and we have full time jobs. Is it OK for you? Thanks in advance :)

A message from ulzzangidol
first of all, i died finding your LM.c, but then came the Byou, and... i simply started spazzing like a creep. can you also do Kpop idols? such as the actors Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and Jang Geun Suk? or the members of the groups BigBang and NU'EST? i've tried to make them myself, and not only that the parts are impossible to find (rather than the people changing dramatically every 5 minutes) but it's also impossible to copy their facial features. i'll love you forever. please?

Thank you for your comment! Yes we can help you, but please, can you tell us what will be your first request?. We do request in our free time but we have full time jobs so its a very little time available. So we can help everyone we can start one by one. What do you think? Is it OK for you? ;)